Walking Floor Division

Walking Floor Division

To compliment Premier Logistics current customer base a walking floor division was set up in January 2020.

This was seen as a natural growth as many customers now have a requirement to dispose of their waste and recyclable materials in a correct manor.

Premier regularly transports for and to recovery facilities throughout the UK assisting with the drive to reduce the amount of landfill. Products such as general waste, cardboard, plastic, wood and metal that recently had a landfill destination are now being recycled or taken to biomass energy plants with the aid of Premier Logistics.

Walking floor trailers are often roof loaded with rigid sides. They operate a sliding floor system that can ‘walk’ the load in or out.

The versatility of a walking floor trailer means that both loose and palletised materials can be loaded. This makes them ideal for sites with limited access to heavy plant machinery complimenting waste site needs to further improve health and safety requirements.

Because goods are being transported ‘loose’ the volume of goods being transported is greater, meaning; the customer not only reducing transportation costs but also reducing the carbon emissions that are usually linked to transportation.

We plan to expand our fleet, and in the near future hope to operate our fleet further afield into Europe.

How does a walking floor work?

Walking floors operate a three stage plank system, the first plank is linked to the forth, seventh, tenth etc. the second is linked to plank five, eight etc. and so on. The floor takes it power from the hydraulic system on the tractor unit. The load can be ‘walked’ on (loaded) or off (unloaded) in smaller tighter areas negating the need for excessive plant and machinery on site so reducing the cost for the client.

For more information about our Walking Floor services please email us at sales@premier-logistics.co.uk or call us on 01530 277 890